Our Products

DMS Industrial is proud to offer a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of the industry and our customers. Please browse through our offerings below and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. If you are a returning customer and would like to re-order a product, you can do so using our convenient order form.

The goal of DMS Industrial is to grow as a leader in the band saw industry. To achieve this objective, we are committed to innovative design and serving our customers in the most economical and user-friendly manner possible.

We are a Certified Dealer/Distributor for Hyd-Mech Saws, Ltd., which manufactures high quality bandsaws to fit any manufacturing application. In this role, our company is not only involved in machine sales, but we are also Hyd-Mech Saws, Ltd.'s Certified Service Representative for its complete line of machines. We pride ourselves in solving our customers' problems and satisfying their service needs.

Our expert technicians, working together with Hyd-Mech Saws, Ltd's. engineers, can customize any saw to meet your metal cutting requirements. Regardless of whether you need horizontal or vertical angle cutting, or straight cuts from 1/2" to 80", we'll work with your company to design a customized system that's more productive and cost effective.

In particular, we place a strong emphasis on satisfying the customer long after the purchase order has been accepted. Once the machine has been delivered, our technician will completely install the unit where it's most feasible, fully inspect all working functions, and train potential operators on its features, restrictions, safety aspects, etc.

DMS Industrial offers a wide variety of band saw blades. Take a quick look at our sampling below:
Band Saw Blades - Available in numerous pitches and sizes, coils or welded-to-length accordingly.
Broadband M-42 - for production cutting of abrasive exotic alloys, tool steels and stainless steel.
Carbide Tipped - for production cutting of difficult to machine steels, high-alloy metals, titanium, inconnel etc. that regular blades can't cut as effectively.
Carbon - Premium Hard-Back - is a high carbon steel blade with precisely hardened teeth, coupled with a hard, spring-tempered back. It is ideal for light to medium vertical and horizontal machines, toolroom and maintenance and low alloy, non-ferrous metals.
Flex-Back - is made from carbon steel with a flexible back for economical, general purpose cutting of low alloy metals, non-ferrous wood or plastics.
Portable Bands - are offered in three types of bi-metal/carbon, for portable machines when you need to bring the saw to the work.
Special Purpose Blades - For exotic, abrasive applications like ceramics, fiberglass, etc.
Carbide Grit
Diamond Grit
Friction Cutting - ideal for cutting thin ferrous sections at high SFM.
Band Knives - razor edges for cutting foam, cardboard, rubber, etc.
Meatkutter - for meat, fish, poultry.

A Sampling of our Vendors

DMS Industrial is proud to partner with many quality-oriented companies including those listed below so we can offer our customers the highest quality.

Band Saw Blades and Hole Saws
  • Simonds
Band Saw Machines
  • Dake-Johnson
  • Hyd-Mech Saws/Technical Service
  • Parts - Preventive Maintenance
  • Tannewitz
Coated Abrasives
  • Carborundum
  • Garryson
  • Production Abrasive
  • Keystone
DMS Industrial Conveyor Systems
  • Our custom design & manufacture
  • Simonds
Grinding Wheels
  • Carborundum
  • Flexovit
  • Rex-Cut
  • United Abrasive/Sait
Industrial Diamond Wheels and Tools
  • A. Landau Co.
  • Carborundum/Amplex
Polishing and Cutting Compounds
  • Formax
Rotary Broaches and Machines
  • CS Unitec
Rubber Contact Wheels
  • Chicago Rubber Co.
  • CRC/Contact Rubber Corp.